On the day of Bigg Boss 13, there is some quarrel. In which Siddharth Shukla, Rashmi Desai and Asim Riaz are named Common. Siddharth and Asim used to be friends earlier, but now both do not like each other. Both often have quarrels, sometimes there is a scuffle. During the recent Captaincy Task, both of them had a fight, in which both of them called each other very well and bad. Siddharth Asim is the first daughter-in-law. After that Siddharth goes to Asim’s family and starts abusing Asim’s father. On this, Asim says that why do you repeatedly visit Siddhartha. Tell me what you want to say. Now Gauhar Khan, who was the winner of Bigg Boss Season 7, has given his reaction to this quarrel. Gauhar has shared a video on his social media account.

On the day of Bigg Boss 13, there is some quarrel

Siddharth abuses Asim, blames Gauhar Khan  Siddharth abuses Asim in Big Boss, flashes Gauhar Khan
Siddharth abuses Asim, blames Gauhar Khan

Gauhar says in this video that ‘I want Asim’s father to go inside the house.I want to see what Siddhartha does with Asim’s father. ‘Gauhar said, ‘Send Asim’s father inside the house and fulfill my wish. When you have a family round, you will definitely send Asim’s father indoors.Gauhar further says that ‘fight means. You guys all fight. Die fightingThey are abusing each other. What is the need to visit someone’s father?In every battle, every time you don’t remember anything other than the father. Please tell that Asim’s father has been an IPS officer and he has served the country. In such a situation, Gauhar says that Siddhartha should respect everyone. Well, what will be seen is whether Asim’s father will go right inside the house during the task.

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