Saudi Arabia, yesterday arrested a group of about eleven princes who held a demonstration at the royal palace after the government has said to be halted the payment of their water and electricity bills, says an official statement that was released by Saudi attorney general to the press.

The princes who were said to be arrested last week were taken over for a sit-in and were even looking out for compensation to a death sentence that was originally issued against one among their cousins. It has been found out that their cousin was convicted of a murder and got executed in the year 2016.

The recent arrest showcases the tension that is going to the Saudi royal family and a fight between the princes to become the kingdom’s next crowned prince. With such problems revolving around, Mohammed bin Salman is said to be playing a dominant role in the country’s affairs.

Saudi Arabia   Saudi Arabia has arrested eleven princes who protested over the utility bills Saudi Arabia has arrested eleven princes

Prince Mohammad, who is said to be a close ally of Donald Trump’s administration, has recently introduced some raft changes that includes social restrictions and austerity measures that were done to make the country a modernized and diversified in terms of economy in the near future.

After his rise to power, the present crowned prince has sidelined the most powerful rivals and even consolidated his own authority before inheriting the throne from King Salman, his father.

During the month of November, the government made an arrest over thousands of influential Saudi people, which includes the princes, business tycoons, cabinet ministers and others. They were said to be arrested and detained at the famous Ritz Carlton Hotel that is located in Riyadh, which is known to be the capital of Saudi. The arrest was recorded to be a part of rooting out corruption within the country.

Saudi National Guard   Saudi Arabia has arrested eleven princes who protested over the utility bills Saudi Arabia has arres