Salman Khan has recently announced publically that he is planning to launch his own brand of theatres. The tickets will be available at a cheaper rate. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Salman said that he wanted to establish his own theatre chain. Though the plan was started two years ago, it has been delayed as he was busy. Carefully working out the implementation of a complex operation.

Salman Khan  Salman is ready to Launch his own Brand of Theatres Salman khan

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He named his project as “Salman Talkies”, where tickets will be tax-free. And the tickets will be available at cheaper rates as well as for the children who are poor. He had a lot of plans for the theatre chain. But it’s taking me longer because he needs to be very careful. And he also clarifies that the theatres will not be in Bandra or Juhu. But on the outer parts of Mumbai. The best part is that cheaper tickets making the multiplex available for all. Ticket rates should be Rs 200-250 on weekends as well as Rs 120-150 on weekdays.

The aim of the theatres is to make movies available to all at cheaper rates. This act aims to promote movies and in turn will act as a crowd attractor in many places. Salman said that he has been planning to work on this project from many days before. But it has taken him a long time than planned due to a few delays in the project.

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These theatres will be located in smaller towns, on the outer areas of Mumbai. Salman has met several producers. Distributors to get a better understanding of the market for his upcoming chain of theatres, and exhibitors. As per his targets, the chain is expected to be inaugurated in Maharashtra as well as he aims at expanding. Expanding it to other states over the next 10 years.

Let’s wish him luck!


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