David Letterman, the well-known host is now returning back to television and it shall happen on January 12th of 2018, with his all-new Netflix show that shall have former US President Obama as his first guest. The Netflix company shares have driven up to two percent after the news regarding the talk show with Obama as the first guest came out.

This all-new six episodes of talk show of David Letterman shall have various celebrities sporting in them. The talk show shall have interviews with rapper Jay-Z, actor George Clooney, comedian Tina Fey, radio shock jock named Howard Stern, Nobel Peace Prize Winner named Malala Yousafzai said the streaming service in their recent official press release.

Netflix has been working hard to spend some good money and produce content that can make them turn into a dominant video streaming platform and to beat the competition which they have with other traditional media and streaming players like Amazon and Hulu.

Netflix.  Obama is the first guest on David Letterman’s new talk show on Netflix Netflix

The Letterman’s interview with Barack Obama shall be the very first talk show appearance, which Obama is about to make after he left the office last year January. Letterman, himself being in his seventies left over his previous job hosting the famous ‘The Late Show’ during the year 2015 by making a note that he wanted to spend some good time with his family members after he has spent more than thirty years hosting the late night television show. His upcoming return to host a talk show for Netflix was announced on last year August and Letterman himself said that Donald Trump, the President of United States and Pope Francis shall be his wish-list to interview in his upcoming talk show with. The new series in Netflix shall have sixty minutes episodes that are centered around the celebrities who are invited to the show.

Obama  Obama is the first guest on David Letterman’s new talk show on Netflix Obama