Kareena Kapoor Khan is an A-list actress of Bollywood. After getting married to Saif Ali Khan, she has got a baby, Taimur and everyone knows his baby boy as he is another internet sensation of Bollywood. She is the one who has always lead her life in her own terms. The actress breaks all the jinx that Bollywood has made for the married ladies.

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Unlike other Bollywood divas, marriage and motherhood, both did not put a dent on the Kareena’s popularity and she has proved her with her first movies post-pregnancy, veerey di wedding. Being Taimur’s mother, she has prover her role of Kalindi which is an emotional and commitment-phobic girl and she has proved her role in the best way possible. She has got enough appreciation for her role and her movie is another blockbuster of the Bollywood movies.

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Kareena is focused on her son, Taimur for the entire life. She says that she will do only one movie per year until the needs of Taimur for mother lessons. As she is being a wonderful mother for her baby. She is getting huge offers for a mother role but she said absolutely no to the mother films or the films in which she is getting the role of mother. The actress said, “I know my priorities. I love to do movies and prove myself at various platforms. It will definitely not come in between my relationship with my baby, Taimur. Taimur is always going to first priority than anything else in my life”. According to resources, “the actress said NO to the movie remake of the movie, Aplamanus by Ashutosh Gowariker. As this movie was presenting her in the role of a mother.

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