P Chidambaram, former Finance Minister of Indian and a prominent Congress leader on last Sunday voiced over an attack on the Modi government’s Kashmir policy, by terming them as hard, militaristic and muscular. He even said that the government has completely failed to end with the terrorism that has been troubling the state for many years.

Chidambaram tweeted saying that the Central Narendra Modi run government made promises to eradicate terrorism from Kashmir, but they have now brought in a muscular and militaristic approach that shall bring in more violence within the state for no reason.

The former Home minister even quoted with a statistic saying that the total number of civilians and the terrorists who got killed within Jammu and Kashmir has been doubled from twenty-eight to fifty-seven in terms within the past few months of time.

terrorists  Kapil Sibal attacks Modi Government over Kashmir: says P Chidambaram terrorists

Also, about eighty-three security forces were shot and killed during this time period.

Chidambaram even questioned about the government policies on Jammu and Kashmir by quoting “if you are one among those who had thought that the muscular, hard and a militaristic approach from the government shall eradicate terrorism at first place, you need to change your view.”

The Congress leader said that only a political solution can bring down the issues that are going in and around Jammu and Kashmir for years. He even mentioned Manmohan Singh, the former Prime Minister of India and A.B. Vajpayee for putting in diligent efforts to find some real solution to the ongoing terrorism issue in Jammu and Kashmir.

Soldiers and the policeman have been working hard every other day to save the life of the local people, yet, their personal life is itself at stake, said Chidambaram in his another tweet.

Kapil Sibal attacks Modi Government  Kapil Sibal attacks Modi Government over Kashmir: says P Chidambaram Kapil Sibal attacks Modi Government