Bollywood movie ‘Kabir Singh’ has been ready for release. Sandeep Wang has worked in this. This is a remake of Telugu film ‘Arjun Reddy’. Shahid Kapoor and Kisan Advani-led film will be released on June 21. Shahid’s look and his acting are very much appreciated in the film. The trailer and songs of this movie have been released which the audience liked very much. Recently, Sandeep talked about his film in an interview. Sandeep was asked, is it true that the first producer had approached Arjun Kapoor for the film? In response, Sandeep said, “Yes, this is true but I and Shahid were already talking about the film and so I did not think of any other actor. It did not mean that who acted better, but it was a matter of committment that I had done with Shahid. Regarding Kedia Advani in the film, Sandeep said, “He is quite professional, he understood the character very well.” Sandeep further said that he is saying that people are saying that the film is not a remake but it looks very fresh

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