The Hollywood has together spoken with a voice at the Golden Globe award function that happened on Sunday and declared war over the recent film industry culture of abuse and sexual harassment, which indeed ended up the Globe awards in a serious note.

The crime drama named Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, turned out to be the big winner of the day, by grabbing about four trophies and giving out a hint about bragging all Oscar award by March.

The award function had celebrities speaking up ways to heal and move forward with their works on a positive note.

Oprah Winfrey spoke to the audience and said that ‘by speaking out the truth is the only option, it’s the most powerful tool we all have within us’. She made this historical speech after receiving her lifetime achievement award.

Oprah Winfrey  Hollywood stars have declared war over Sexual misconduct at the Globes Oprah Winfrey

She also said that ‘for too long, the women have were not heard for speaking out the truth, the times have changed, their time is up’, which ended her speech with a standing ovation from the audience.

The industry elite has turned the red carpet into a black one for the Golden Globes. The ‘Three Billboards’ received three trophies at the Globes for being the best drama, actress and for its unique screenplay.

McDormand said that the women in the hall have arrived not for the food, they are here because of the hard work they have put in with the industry. Meanwhile, McDonagh lost the trophy under directing category to the Mexican filmmaker named Guillermo del Toro, whose movie named ‘The Shape of Water’ came as a runner-up with the movie named ‘Lady Bird’. Also, many celebrities voiced over declaring a war upon sexual misconduct that has been happening a lot with the industry.

McDonagh  Hollywood stars have declared war over Sexual misconduct at the Globes McDonagh