Google, after started providing their free high-speed internet access at various railway stations located all over India, now they are about to test with their paid model of the same Google station programme. This particular programme has started as a trial at the Mumbai Central railway station last year and it got officially launched with the station owned Railtel telecom infrastructure provider at fifty-three railway stations that are located all over the country by November 2016. This count shall reach up to four hundred by the end of this year.

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While their initial model had been monetized using various ads, Google announced in public that they are opening up the monetizing services in many different ways, and with the latest move, Google has just done that.

Internet Advertising  Google permits free Wi-Fi High-speed Access for Thirty Minutes at Railway Stations Internet Advertising

The Google Station programme that has been installed at various railway stations located in and around Mumbai has been charging about nineteen Indian Rupees to offer high-speed internet for a time period of twenty-four hours. This premium option allows its users to get unlimited data and it can even be accessed at any railway stations that have Google Station programme installed in them. Another one week plan that is worth about one hundred and forty-nine Indian Rupees is also now available for users to take with.

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Other than these premium options, one can get to access the free high-speed internet at the railway stations for thirty minutes. The data that is accessed within thirty minutes of the time period is unlimited and after that, the users need to choose from any one of the premium plans to continue using the unlimited high-speed internet service. The free internet usage is where Google targets the monetized ads to run with.

railway stations  Google permits free Wi-Fi High-speed Access for Thirty Minutes at Railway Stations railway stations