Despite receiving bad reviews from the critics, the Netflix has now announced to create a sequel to the Bright, that has Will Smith playing the lead role, and directed by David Ayer to return back with a sequel of the by next year.

Netflix, being a popular streaming service announced their upcoming plans last week that included their green light to produce a sequel to Bright. The Bright is the very first high budget film that was produced by Netflix, and it had a production value of about ninety million US Dollars. By giving a green light to produce the sequel of Bright, the Netflix is creating their very first film franchise, like the ones the Hollywood studios rely upon. But, Netflix has decided to take their first film franchise with a movie that had worst reviews since the day it got released on their platform. The Bright has received about twenty-eight percent of the Rotten Tomatoes, which is moreover enough to prove how bad the movie was.

Netflix  Despite receiving scathing reviews all around, Netflix provides a green signal for Bright sequel Netflix

But, the viewer data suggest that Bright is a typical hit, at least for Netflix. It has been reported that about eleven million people have already watched Bright within the United States, during the first three days of its release in Netflix, which was definitely huge in terms of view count numbers. If at all the moviegoers have paid to watch the content in specific, they might have earned about one hundred million of US dollars by the first week of its online release. Even if it had an average view number, the movie would have got back its production value, if at all the movie was priced separately, which Netflix shall not do so. Netflix is known for providing premium content at their various subscription rates and they do not have the policy to make a movie or a TV series available at separate premium rates.

high budet film  Despite receiving scathing reviews all around, Netflix provides a green signal for Bright sequel the United States