Opinions about astrological prediction are generally divided. In fact, both views are based on a misunderstanding of the nature of how astrology really works.

Some Astrological predictions

Though it may come as a surprise to the true believer many astrologers believe that astrology cannot make precise predictions about your future although astrology can indeed reveal the tendencies of your future.

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If an astrologer tells you that next Tuesday you will be walking down the street. They will accidentally trip and fall, breaking your left wrist as it cracks against a fire hydrant. That would be a pretty precise prediction, wouldn’t it? But no astrologer ever makes predictions like that. More likely, an astrologer would say: There is some danger of having an accident next Tuesday; try to be more careful than usual.

This is of course not a precise prediction, but rather a statement. This statement is based on certain astrological techniques, about an increased probability of a certain type of event occurring. This is the true strength of astrology. Not to tell you what is going to happen (since that is beyond its capabilities). But rather, to inform you about the probabilities of certain types of events occurring.

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Astrology isn’t used to predict the future. It’s used to help you gain insight and understanding of the patterns and directions your life takes. It’s not an absolute, but it’s an indicator. If you don’t like what your astrological or natal charts tell you, it’s certainly within your power to change it.

Astrology can give you insight into one potential destiny, but there are too many variables. Also, include the decisions you make for yourself. You can also predict with any degree of accuracy what will happen in the future.decisionsd   Astrological predictions decisionsd 2