Two of the major Apple(iphone Maker) shareholders are now calling upon the company to let them change the way they are at present approaching with their youngest customers of the decade with. It has been reported that continuous usage of Apple products like iPhone shall result in a risk of creating long-term mental or physical health related dis-order harm for Various Reasons to the children who are constantly accessing them every other day.

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The shareholders, Californian State Teachers Retirement System and Jana Partners have been together controlling about two billion US Dollars’ worth Apple stocks for a longer period of time. On last Saturday, both these groups wrote over a letter to the Apple board of directors by mentioning about iPhone’s recent popularity and growth rate in terms of usage and about their responsibility to ensure that the device shall not abuse their users with.

apple  Apple shall face a shareholder Backslash over their iPhone safety feature for the Kids in Recent Times apple

After going through a lot of study in recent times, it has appeared that over usage of cellphone shall bring in a new addiction and another kind of health issues to a human body, irrespective of their age group. The investors even argue that the Apple electronic devices are lacking with sufficient safeguards for the society that are totally reliant on cellphones to carry over their day to day activity with.

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Few types of research have proved that there is a connection between anxiety or depress with smartphones that one can experience when it turns into an abusing substance. During the year 2017, a research paper proved that users who were found to be suffering from various health-related disorders have got the symptoms from being addicted to smartphones in real life. Also, the research shows that people who are addicted to their smartphones shall have an imbalance in their brain chemicals, leading to various health-related disorders.

apple  Apple shall face a shareholder Backslash over their iPhone safety feature for the Kids in Recent Times Sunhood 5