Every year is different for the actor Anil Kapoor but this year is very different because of the special film of Sonam Kapoor i.e., veerey di wedding and harshwardhan Kapoor’s Bhavesh Joshi and on the top of this, his daughter’s wedding. Anil is not at a back step from his children and his movie is releasing on Eid i.e., Race.

According to reports, the producer says something about the film- this movies was a very inning to the movies because the main name on the board of movie is khan of the Bollywood i.e., Salman Khan. He said, “ I have worked with Salman Khan as an actor but not as a producer and it was very delightful to work with Salman Khan and Rameshtaurani”. According to him, the Salman Khan looked for all the co-actors, be it, Jacqueline Fernandez. Bobby Deol, daisy shah, squib Salim, Anil Kapoor and it was so much fun to work with them all.

Salman Khan tastes yet another success in Bollywood Box Office

Similarly, the Anil Kapoor plays a special role in the movie. The Anil Kapoor is so fit in this age and does it means that the actor starves on diet. So let us see what the actor has said about it. “There are several myths about me and the biggest is that if starve to stay fit but actually not”. I had a lavish lunch before having a word with you guys and I do not starve to stay fit. They will never starve to stay fit. The actor says, “I follow a particular exercise regime to stay fit. Also, the regime continues to change according to my mood. Sometimes I follow cycling, sometimes swimming and now the regime is spinning.

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