The Indian Skipper and team captain, Virat Kohli addressed fiercely in a press conference that happened after India made a series defeat against South Africa.

South Africa had their first test series win over India in this year and it happened due to India’s poor batting performance and partnership skills on the field. The Indian skippers lost their wicket like never before. During the press conference that happened after the match, Virat Kohli answered furiously when press people questioned about the player’s selection and about the team fielding that was not up to the mark during the Test match series.

Virat Kohli accepted that the team members have failed to maintain a good partnership and take over the lead. Some players indeed let the entire team down, but, the bowlers turned heroes and did their job precisely to bring in a victory for Team India, end of the day.

Virat Kohli  My 150 runs means nothing to me: Says Virat Kohli in a press conference virat kohli pakistan

Before answering to the questions, Virat made his stand clear and said that he is making his presence in front of media not to comfort anyone and he himself accepted the mistakes that happened with India’s poor batting order.

Virat prefers to leave every other incident happened in the field within the field itself. Bringing them over and over shall never let him find out a solution. Also, his one hundred and fifty knocks turned useless as it never let the team win over South Africa. Runs that are scored for no use, shall never be crowned over, feels ViratKohli.

If Team India had won the entire test series, then his smashing one hundred and fifty runs would be a worthy one for him and for the team. Unfortunately, it did not happen so.

Virat Kohli  My 150 runs means nothing to me: Says Virat Kohli in a press conference Virat Kohli