In Worli area of Mumbai, suddenly the apartments on the 32nd and 33rd floor of Beaumont towers caught fire. But the high rise is that the famous actress Deepika Padukone stays on the 26th floor in the same building. But when the apartments caught fire, the actress was not in the house but her family was stuck in the house.

According to resources, only the top two floors are badly affected by the fire. An ambulance, five jumbo tankers and six fire engines were available in the building to help. According to a tweet of Mumbai police- the police staff and fire brigade are on the location for assistance. They are working in the best possible way to help the people and douse the fire.

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According to reports, the famous actress Deepika Padukone was not in the house and was out for a brand shoot. But the mother and sister of the actress were in the house when the fire caught the building. The fire was of level 2 which caught the beau monde towers but then suddenly changed into level 3 fire. Firefighting operations are going on and approximately 90-95 persons have been rescued by our team safely.

According to some reports, when the actress Deepika Padukone get to know about the incident of fire. The fire in her building, she was very worried about her mother and sister. Once her mother and sister were rescued safely, she felt very relieved and thanks to the action of bmc.

According to resources, the famous Padmavati actress purchased this lush green four bedroom apartment. The 33rdstory of the tower on the 26th floor for 16 crores along with a national badminton champion. When the actress bought the apartment over there, the whole Bollywood was surprised.

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