The upcoming time is of biopics and the first biopic which is releasing is Sanju. In the Bollywood, some movies who are recently out agrees to the female empowerment like Raazi, Hichki, Veery di wedding. As everybody in the Bollywood knows that it is male oriented film because it is the biopic of astronaut Rakesh Sharma and no A-list actress wants to play the role of the wife of astronaut Rakesh Sharma because it is male oriented movie and no body wants to perform the secondary role in the movie.

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Earlier, according to some reports it was the Amir khan who was approached for the role but he did not played the character and then the Shahrukh khan was approached for the movie and he agreed to the role. Some major and A-list actresses were also approached for the movie. The two main names were Kareena kapoor khan and PriyankaChopra but both the actresses refused because they knew that there role in the movie would be swamped because of the male empowering role on the opposite side.

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The makers of the movie think that why to put a huge investment for the secondary role i.e., the wife of astronaut Rakesh Sharma so they decided to cut the A-list heroine’s role from the movies and decided that they will approach a new actress or a secondary actress. According to some reports, they said that why they should spend so much energy and so much money on the secondary character of the film.Now, it will be interesting to know that which new actress or a secondary actress would play the role (the biopic of Rakesh Sharma) in the opposite side of Shah rukh khan.

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